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Refund & Return Policy

Refund Disclosure:

All refund requests must be made within a 30 day period or before a home is submitted to be built, which ever one is sooner to receive a full refund.


Upon order submission, a representative will reach out to you directly to confirm your order and let you know an exact date of when the home will be submitted to be built. Any refund requests must be submitted within 30 days or prior to the build date provided.


To cancel your order, you must notify us of your decision. The ensure immediate processing, we recommend you contact us using the Contact Us form within the website or by email at


If an order is canceled after the allowed time-frame but prior to delivery, the customer will only receive a 20% refund of the home purchase price. ​Once the home has been delivered, all sales are final.

Return Policy: 

Once the home has been delivered, all sales are final.

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