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TruMH is simply about getting back to the basics and offering affordable housing solutions. By focusing on factory-select standard specifications with low margins and low overhead, we’re able to keep prices low. All of our homes meet federal codes, which assures strength and durability.

Your dream of homeownership begins in our TRU factory, and ends when we hand you the keys to your new home. Your TRU manufactured home starts its journey under our roof in a completely enclosed manufacturing facility, where weather delays don't happen and building materials aren't compromised. Our TRU manufacturing facility builds with precision, extensive testing, and each phase is inspected to ensure our TRU homes meet strict regulations. You can rest easy in your new TRU home knowing that all of the extra steps are taken before you even set foot through the door.

Why Choose A Tru Home?

  • Solid Steel I-Beam Foundation - With a steel beam foundation you know you are always standing on solid ground.

  • Nylon-Reinforced Vapor Barrier - What does that even mean? A vapor barrier is a tough lining that helps with energy efficiency, lower bills, and protects your home from moisture, allergens and pests.

  • Thick Installation - A thick blanket of installation is installed all around your home increasing energy efficiency and keeping you comfortable.

  • Engineered Flooring System - Professionally engineered to create a solid and sturdy base for your new home.

  • Interlocking Floor Decking - The interlocked system keeps floors flat and structurally sound.

  • Water Resilient Flooring - A no-wax flooring selection throughout your home makes for easy cleanup.

  • Insulated Plumbing System - With your plumbing installed inside of your Tru home's installation blanket, your pipes can maintain a more consistent water temperature and better combat extreme heat and cold.

  • Walls Built to Last - Your Tru mobile home is built with traditional side studs centered every 16" and packed with thick installation meaning your walls have more studs, a sturdy build and maximum energy efficiency.

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